July 05, 2005

new carpet

We had an Open House on Friday at work. We celebrated our new carpet in the library! New (well, almost:) beautiful carpet with all colors of the rainbow in it!

It was donated to us by the department of corrections :) People from this department also helped up to reupholster chairs. Now we have carpet that matches chairs, and chairs that match indexes on our shelves! And walls are newly painted too!
Door prise for the guests was new Periodicals List of Holdings that Billy worked very hard on. It has very favorite purple cover.

here we are!
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Here we are. In purple - Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin, our library director. Behind her Billy King - the head of our department, N. - our new page , Rob Norwood - library assistant (and the artist) and Natalia, me or 'i'.

James Sands of course is at the beach :) But i am sure he was with us in his spirit (James, you missed ice cream... and a great cake... and strawberries... and... i want to the beach too...)

James Sands in the office
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