March 04, 2009

Gurdjieff work

Yesterday I finished reading The Inner Journey: Views From the Gurdjieff Work. Edited by Jacob Needleman. 2008. It is an anthology. Most of the artcile have been published in Parabola. The book starts with this saying - To the path makers and the pilgrims on the path. The book contains the DVD of the movie Meetings With Remarkable Men produced by Peter Brooks. The movie based on the book written by Gurdjiev himself. It is a story of the search through the Middle East and Central Asia for answers about the meaning of life. I have read the book in Russian and then later in English :) The movie was made on location in the forbidding, rarely photograped mountains and deserts of Afganistan. Finally I saw it!

The scene when they survided the sand storm in the desert by getting on stilts is very interesting. But the most impressive scene is the dance. I found it on you tube (see above). It made a strong impression, almost scared me.