February 25, 2009

Lower back - taoist method

Soft and gentle exercise for healthy lower back.
All you need to practice is a big stone in your back yard :)

My favorite Winston-Salem coach - Michael :)

February 23, 2009

hot springs - recommended :)

Nadia in mineral water :)
photo copyright © Natalia Tuchina-2009

Went to the mountains, to the place Hot Springs, it is our local Kislovodsk (or Baden-Baden?). Seems that we have everything in NC, absolutely everything! Hot Springs is a village not far from Asheville, 3 hours from Winston-Salem, almost in Tennessee.

The road was easy, the weather was good.

In Hot Springs they have... mineral springs coming up from the mountains. The water is pumped through the tubs. This water not only mineral - it is hot! The temperature is about +104 F. Spa effect without any chlorine! And it's healing. View the healing chemicals here . Lots of health benefits. And a lot of pleasure (especially if you take a bottle of champagne with you! :)

Hot Springs is located at the confluence of the French Broad River and Spring Creek. A natural hot spring is the only such spring known in North Carolina and in much of the southeastern United States. Thus, this area has long since been a destination for those looking for therapeutic relief from their ailments. Native Americans were the first to discover the 100+ degree mineral waters, and European immigrants settled the area over 200 years ago. It is reported that people were visiting the springs by 1778 for the waters' reported healing properties. In 1828, a major road was constructed through the current town making the area more accessible.

By 1831, James Patton of Asheville bought the springs and had erected 350 room Warm Springs Hotel with its 13 tall columns representing the 13 original colonies in 1837. The dining room of this large hotel could seat 600 people! The railroad reached the village - then called Warm Springs - in 1882. A higher temperature spring was found, and the town's name was changed from Warm Springs to Hot Springs in 1886. Sixteen marble pools were surrounded by landscaped lawns with croquet and tennis courts, and it was know as one of the most lavish resorts in the Southeast. By May 1917, the hotel and grounds were leased to the US Government to be used as an internment camp.

Today, the springs are privately owned as a spa. Water is piped to outdoor tubs beside the river and Spring Creek.

The view from our tub was to the river. We had 2 pm reservation, but pulled in being 20 min late. We stopped at Engles in Black Mountain, and loved it there so much that had lunch :) Very nice grocery store, in the size of a stadium, the selection (of champagne) was almost unlimited :)

Hot Springs is a rustic place, tubs are located in deep woods (see this one :), grounds are very natural. Nadia was in hot tubs in Japan. She said it is very similar. The tub was offered to us for one hour - barely enough as we not only were splashing the water and enjoying sunshine, but also making pictures. Here is the result:)

Nadia in mineral bliss :)
photo copyright ©Natalia Tuchina-2009

If you decide on going there, take a jar for water with you. There is a spring on the grounds. Anyone can collect some mineral water and take home. We did! When we came home the water was still warm! It has so much energy stored..