July 30, 2011

America through the Eyes of a Russian Woman

Two of my friends are expecting their Russian-speaking fiancees to arrive to USA this summer. Both men asked for an advice. Here is a good website that I can recommend - read America through the Eyes of a (newly arrived to USA) Russian Woman.

World Without Borders

I don't like that Borders bookstore is going out of business. It will lower the quality of my life. I just wanted to say how much I liked the store, and how much I appreciated great people working there - Sheila, Natasha Hagan, Ben (wish they would come to work in the library!)... and Mark March who occasionally would make a nice latte for me. I was regular in the coffee shop. Borders was our greatest source of loose leaf teas (Tazo brand). Now the slogan 'Library - World Without Borders' has another meaning for me.