June 16, 2006

my sun

закат над океаном
ocean sunset - аll rights reserved ©pochitai-2006

I went to the ocean. Good it was. Here are my pictures of the sun.
The sun is big above the ocean. Cosmic, majestic, grand, and powerful.

ocean sunrise - аll rights reserved ©pochitai-2006

ocean sunset аll rights reserved ©pochitai-2006

beach house
beach-house - аll rights reserved ©pochitai-2006

sunset аll rights reserved ©pochitai-2006

ocean sunset - аll rights reserved ©pochitai-2006

sunrise аll rights reserved ©pochitai-2006

June 05, 2006


flowers at the lake

Yesterday I walked around Salem Lake. Seven miles. Good.
That is what I saw on my way. Sharing. Reflections - water and objects.

reflection one

reflection two

reflection three

June 03, 2006

a bit of London

i am in London

polish girl working the hotel desk found me "more quiet room" - little bed, little tabel, little TV (high definition though :) little shower, everything is smal like from the cartoon. And on the streets everything is colorful - red buses, funny compact cars, posters and flowers everywhere. Many well dressed people on the streets. You won't see people dressed like that riding a bus in our town.

A lot of bridges. We started counting the distance with bridges. In autotrain noone screms with the voice of a cat in March: "Train won't go any futher! Get off the train! Rails run no forward!" On the opposite - quiet and pleasant woman's voice sounds like a llylibuy telling the names of the stations, and you don't want to get off, but rather to fall asleep in the soft chair to miss your station "Airport Gatwick"...

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Wi-Fi map of London on this Smart

June 02, 2006

birds of Jordanville monastery

Easter of 2005 - house of Jordanville hermit Vitaly and he himself

(photo ntuchina-2005)

I am going to Pskov, very likely be in Pechorsky monastery.
My "house" in Jordanville forest was destroyed.

I also tried to sleep at night in the tent in wild woods here, one hour by train from Minsk. Everything was stolen... the tent, my backpack, and my food... not even a needle left.
Woods are so dense there. Beautiful hundred years old fur-trees.
That is how we live... God save souls of Belorussian crooks and thieves.

And how are you in America? Do you pay attention to what is going on with you and around you?"