May 26, 2008

above it all

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Yesterday we made a air balloon flight!!!

The balloon was giant, 7-story high, the basket was attached to the balloon - kinda small, only for 3 people. We got up to 1500 feet, we taken to different direction with the wind :)
It was beautiful sunrise!
We picked a leaf from the top of the tallest tree!

Pictures are coming soon :)

May 18, 2008

Funny Thing Happened

Nadia Bakhireva and Anthony Liguori

Yesterday we went to see a musical Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum to Hickory Community Theatre in Hickory, NC. It was wonderful performance directed by Pamela Livingstone! Very bright, very funny and dynamic. The energy level was excellent, decorations and costumes creative; overall it was better than many professional productions i have seen in NC theaters! Next year the theater will celebrate it's 60s anniversary. Anthony Liguori was singing the leading part. Anthony is Nadia's voice student. She was very proud of him! They have met after the performance for a discussion. I took my camera out :)

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May 15, 2008

Andrew and Sasha

Today I went to picture Andrew and his daughter Sasha. Andrew asked me to make some photos so that he can send them to relatives who can't come for a visit at this time. Here are some of my shots. Sasha is so lovely! She is absolutely beautiful child. She can dance, she plays flute, she is an ice skater and a swimmer. Andrew does an excellent job on raising Sasha, he is truly a wonderful father. They both are so happy, it's a pleasure to watch them together.

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May 06, 2008

nadia and the horse

click on the pictures to see the horse better :))
we were driving in the country, and could not pass by this modern

May 03, 2008

multicultural fest

we had a funny event in downtown today - multicultural festival for kids from Mexico
they were making sombreros out of newspapers, and stamping their "passports" like as if they travel from country to country

i was asked to represent Mexico (why not! :)
o, where is that picture of me in the sombrero made out of The New York Times :)))

but i was the photographer
and here are the pictures click here