April 30, 2008


We have geranuim plant in the hanging basket in the back yard. We bought it in the store (beautification project :)

Guess what - a little bird made a nest in the basket! Now we have a beak sticking out of the basket. They have a lot of activity in that basket. I am at work, Nadia was hanging washed cloth in the yard - the bird doesn't seem to mind. The bird is sitting there, on eggs, warming them up. Soon we'll have a new generation! :)) Our neighbours have two bird houses, but no one lives in them. If i were a bird, i would not rent there either. One bird house is fire-truck red, the other one is yellow like i don't know what - very yellow :)) And our basket is nice, green, you can easily hide the nest in it. Good choice! :))

I wanted to picture the bird, but she is very swift - she got away from the photo-session :))

April 07, 2008

elephants are painting!

i was thinking in the beggining that it is some kind of trick - how the elephant knows how he looks like? is this true??? :)