July 22, 2012

a garden and a library

‎"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." ~Marcus Tullius Cicero

July 08, 2012

dancing by Mabry Mill

We stopped by Mabry Mill today on our way from breakfast in Virginia to back home to North Carolina. I've made this video at Mabry Mill in the mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway. This is how folks were spending their time dancing and playing instruments on the lawn by the Mill. It was heart warming! Tradition is alive.  http://youtu.be/TrD5t_8VJJ8

July 07, 2012

Moving Golden Key Music studio

My friend Nadia is a music teacher. She is teaching piano and voice. For two years her studio was in Clemmons. This weekend we have relocated her studio to Winston-Salem (20 min from Clemmons). Now it is at Five Corners (22 Miller St). It may be now more convenient for some of you to consider taking music lessons :) Just seconds from Stratoford or Cloverdale Bus 40 exit. Think about it! :) www.GoldenKeyMusic.com for more info.
The guys from Feeny Piano were very careful moving the piano.

                           22 Miller St. Winston-Salem NC 27104 (corner of Stratford and Miller).
                                                           Natasha - everyone's favorite!
                                               Nadia is trying out the piano in her new studio.
                               Nadia at the instrument playing Gurdjieff's music. I'm on the left :)