August 30, 2010

paiting the clouds

Two days - and we finished painting the sky and the clouds. Nadia is a very talented painter. She loves the skies, the clouds, and knows how to apply the color. She can work for hours without getting tired - that is the sign of doing what you love. We had a very interesting sponge - the natural one, actually it is a plants from the bottom of the ocean.

August 29, 2010

moving the studio

Spend all day painting walls in the Golden Key Piano and Voice Studio ( We're moving to a new location - 2513 Neudorf Dr. in Clemmons. Here is the picture of the front of the studio. I like it. Nice parking, waiting area, great next door neighbors - The Villager Voice! Tomorrow we plan to finish the walls. Painting is fun!

August 28, 2010

paiting like TS

We are getting ready for a painting project - turning the walls in the new piano studio ( into the blue skies with white clouds :))  Speaking of colorful life - here is a cool fence that my friend pictured last week in Europe!


the image is clickable

August 24, 2010

wireless in Shanevo

My friend, the artist Anatoly Kudravcev, in his boat, in the village of Shanevo in Russia (today! :) This is a very remote Russian village. People can get there only by the boat, but Anatoly can use his notebook with wireless card there. He send me this picture today via email!

To me this is mind blowing... when I left Russia, we didn't have computers there at all.

August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday at Chinqua-Penn


We went to Chinqua Penn plantation for my birthday. I loved it there! A piece of Europe on American land. Thank you, Beatice Schoellkopf Penn ( i have visited her grave on the property). Her maiden name sounds very Russian, but the tour guide could not make any 'Russian' connections.

August 13, 2010

dirty dozen

12 Most Contaminated (buy organic!)

Peaches - Apples - Sweet Bell Peppers - Celery - Nectarines - Strawberries - Cherries - Pears - Grapes (Imported) - Spinach - Lettuce - Potatoes

12 Least Contaminated (don't have to buy organic)

Onions - Avocado - Sweet Corn (Frozen) - Pineapples - Mango - Asparagus - Sweet Peas (Frozen) - Kiwi Fruit - Bananas - Cabbage - Broccoli - Papaya


August 12, 2010


These days we go to our favorite walkway - Greenway. It goes along Muddy Creek. The creek was full today because it rained last night. The walkway runs for 3 miles - nice exercise. Bikes and skates allowed! Beautiful sunset after 7 pm guaranteed :)