June 03, 2006

a bit of London

i am in London

polish girl working the hotel desk found me "more quiet room" - little bed, little tabel, little TV (high definition though :) little shower, everything is smal like from the cartoon. And on the streets everything is colorful - red buses, funny compact cars, posters and flowers everywhere. Many well dressed people on the streets. You won't see people dressed like that riding a bus in our town.

A lot of bridges. We started counting the distance with bridges. In autotrain noone screms with the voice of a cat in March: "Train won't go any futher! Get off the train! Rails run no forward!" On the opposite - quiet and pleasant woman's voice sounds like a llylibuy telling the names of the stations, and you don't want to get off, but rather to fall asleep in the soft chair to miss your station "Airport Gatwick"...

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Wi-Fi map of London on this Smart