May 19, 2006

circ de soleil - delirium indeed

Delirium was set at the Coliseum. They use the entire space - it is a space event, everythging is happening everywhere, multidimentional kind, makes it hard to describe... Excellent work with colors and layers of human perseption of the space. Especially the veil that divides the space inside the coliseum. But the most impressive was the tide wave! The two giant veils carved the "aquarium", where performance was going on, and then giant wave comes (in the hight of the coliseum itself) came and... washes away everything from the stage... Awesome!

Drummers were really cool. And the Endless Dress... And the girl in white... It was creation. The kind of feel - the Big Creation. Monumental. I loved it.


endless dress



awesome scene



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