January 26, 2008

Saviour of Everyone

Kids in Nyack, NY can study icon painting - for the first time in 50 years of the Holy Virgin Protection Parish School history! Iconographer from Moscow Ekaterina Piskareva has started teaching kids how to paint an icon. The first class assignment was to pain Christ the Saviour - the classic icon. Eighteen students of the class paint each an icon. Then all icons were brought to the church for a special blessing ceremony.

Protopriest George Larin, Rector of Protection Church, expressed his profound gratitude to Ekaterina Ivanovna before the rite of blessing the icons "Savior Not-Made-By-Hands," painted by 18 students. He noted her unique talent in passing on her love for the holy art to the young students, which should help them pray before every icon.

I am so happy for kids and for Katia - she lives by what is important. Here is Katia (on the far right) with her students - each kid holds the icon that he or she made.

Ekaterina can be contacted though this website - www.piskarevarestorations.com
More pictures here.

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