July 05, 2008

the edge

Yesterday i watched the movie "The Edge" (1997). About Alaska (to be short). About three people in the cituation of survival (recently i was in the "office team building exercise" with two mexican girls and one american... they gave us similar task... but without bears...)))

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.

Bears are horrible...Ursus Horribles. I learned later that the bear was actually a trained one ))) But - very believable, very realistic. Great movie for those who interested in the human psychology, for "truth seekers", not "effect seekers" in life. Ironically the millioner wife's name was Mickey Morse, very close to Mickey Mouse.. but its not about her.

The film is a "man's film", activates your guts, teaches you to keep going even if you don't know exactly where the south is (i need to buy a compass!). The landscapes are supreme! This movie now is my favorite together with "Into the Wild". Рекомендую!

"We're all open to the test but it never comes in the point we would prefer..."

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Anonymous said...

This isn't why you're going to Alaska, is it? You're not going to fight bears... at least, you shouldn't quite yet. :)