August 25, 2008

back from Alaska

Came back from Alaska.

I am missing Alaska's oxygen. Very much. Here is the map of my travels. No cruse. My american friends ask me "Did you take a cruse?". No. I didn't. Air-plane, float-plane, motor-boat, 4wheel drive SUV (2 thousand miles i put on its wheels!) - this was my transportation. First three islands - Kodiak, Spruce and St.Nilus island. Than main land. I have marked my run on the map with the pink marker. Anchorage, Denali, Fairbanks, Yukon, Tok (where Alaska 1 and Alaska 2 meet :), Kenai penunsula (went to Russian Old Believers there!). You can't really see the road to Yukon and Dalton highway on the map, didn't fit. But you cam imagine that the pink line goes up from Fairbanks...

Here it is, my great adventure in Alaska mapped!

Вот так.

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