July 06, 2009

Our trip to Utah, Arizona and Wyoming

this is the big map of our trip
and (down below) the smaller map (both clickable)

In three days we are flying to Salt Lake City! We are going to visit the Land of Canyons in Utah - National Parks Zion, Bryce, Glen, Canyon Lands, and Arches.

Then we are driving down the map to Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge (Nadia's dream) crossing Arizona state line. Then we plan to spens some time in Monument Valley (my long time dream :) Then - back to Salt Lake city, and up - to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Such as our plan for two weeks on the road.
We taking a tent and two pillows :)

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Stephanie A. said...

Best Friends' Animal Sanctuary would be an amazing visit for you and Nadia. When you mention "Rainbow Bridge," is that the place to which you are referring? Zion Canyon is beautiful! I hiked there last Fall. It was breathtaking! We saw a wild ram and his clan, as well as many deer. Have a wonderful trip