August 02, 2009

Children's Concert in the library

We had a great time at the children's concert in downtown library today. Nadia Bakhireva's students from her Golden Key Music Studio came dressed up. Carmen Hardy sung a very nice Russian song "Субботейя" (in Russian!) and another one in Spanish. Clarissa was singing a French song, and then another song in English, and her brother Mark was playing a keyboard accompanying her. Here they all are:

guests are coming and taking their seats... (all pictures here are clickable)

Mark and Clarissa Espinal - the stars of the show! (click to enlarge)

Carmen Hardy sung Russian song in Russian language! (click to enlarge)

after the performance - together and happy! (click to enlarge)

Chinese girl Chun sung and read a poem in her native language. We also had songs in German and Swahili! It was a very entertaining event with thirty people attending.

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