January 16, 2010

nadia and vegetables

Nadia is a very good cook! This is her my favorite vegetable - leak (i think).


Andrea said...

Yummy leeks! I make a leek and potato soup. I like to put frozen peas in to add a nice color. What do you do with yours?

Triad Performing Arts Center said...

It's also very good in salads, with tomatoes, cucumbers and whatever else, just chop it on thin rings, it has sweet taste. Basically we use it in the same way like any other leafy greens: saute and mix with rice, beans, pastas or boiled potatoes, or added to grilled fish/meat. This is my favorite way to cook it - sauteed leeks, grape tomatoes and carrots mixed with cooked lentil. If you leave more liquid you can call it soup as well :)