January 31, 2010

snow and ice

this is my car, copyright is also mine :)
how do you like my car plate?

Like any other Russian glamor lady in Moscow these days I went to ACE hardware to get a snow shovel! They only had plastic ones :( $15 each. "Do you have the metal ones?" - I asked. "The metal ones were sold out on Friday..." Logically! I should have listen to forecast and think in advance.

I came back and cleaned my car off snow with my red mitten. Than I cleaned the walkway to the door with a small metal shovel that I bought in the summer to plant my strawberries :))) But I can't use it to clean the driveway. How am I going to go to work tomorrow?

Neighbor folks have parked smart - front forward, with towels and cardboard on the front glass.

someone draw a cat by my door and curled the cat's wisks :)

neighbor's cars

snow in 2008


joel said...

This is very mild compared with most of Russia, isn't it? One of the things I love about living here is the variety of weather.

Drive carefully!

Andrea said...

Hey! You should have called. We not only have a shovel, but arms to use it that would be happy to help you out! :)